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 Invisible IP Map v2.7 (IP Hider)

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Data de inscriere : 26/03/2008
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MesajSubiect: Invisible IP Map v2.7 (IP Hider)   Joi Iun 19, 2008 5:14 pm

Invisible IP Map v2.7 (IP Hider)

Invisible IP Map v2.7 is software that is used to change your real address on the Internet while you browse.

The software will change your proxy, every time you decide to click “Get local IP”, the main advantage of this software is
that you can not be traced when surfing the Net, also, if a site is restricted to users from of a particular country
(Megaupload, Sexupload, RapidShare and other living enxendo the bag, mainly of braileiros),
the programme helps to ignore this protection to limit slots for hiding your IP.

He also install two (2) a plug for Internet Explorer (not noticed anything different in IE) and another for Firefox
(an icon with the flag of parents / proxy chosen), the site make no mention of the Opera, but the tested and works perfectly.

Help you to not receive spam from marketing firms that are worth the knowledge of its IP when surfing the Internet.

The program site says that you can assert that some resources to send e-mail anonymous (not tested the program to fund those
who get a touch of), the program is very easy and intuitive, the next time you face limitations RapidShare and the like,
does not think twice about using



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Invisible IP Map v2.7 (IP Hider)
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