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 Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine RIP

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MesajSubiect: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine RIP   Mar Iul 22, 2008 11:09 am

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine RIP

1947. The Nazis have been crushed, the Cold War has begun and Soviet agents are sniffing around the ruins of the fabled Tower of Babel. What are they up to? The CIA wants renowned archaeologist and adventurer Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones©, Jr. to find out. Grab your whip and fedora and join Indy in globe-spanning race to unearth the mysterious "Infernal Machine."
Yes, Indy is back in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, a new real-time 3D action-adventure from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC, expected to release for PC second-half 1998. Fraught with all the action and intrigue worthy of a classic Indiana Jones film, the game will lock players in a thrilling race around the globe to thwart the Soviets' frantic search for clues to the mysterious Infernal Machine.
"Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is a sharp departure from LucasArts' previous Indy titles," says Project Leader Hal Barwood, who last guided Indy to mythical Atlantis. "Indiana Jones defines the very notion of action hero, perfect for a game in the real-time 3D action-adventure genre."
The game begins when the CIA, led by Indy's old friend Sophia Hapgood, brings him alarming evidence that a Soviet physicist, Gennadi Volodnikov, has been searching the site of the Tower of Babel for evidence of an ancient machine that can open the door to a parallel dimension called the Aetherium. Volodnikov and his Communist henchmen are anxiously trying to reassemble the machine, but need to find several crucial parts to get it working. The missing parts, scattered throughout the far corners of the globe, are the targets of Indy's quest.
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine takes Indy to all the exotic locales players expect in an adventure this spectacular, ranging from the ruins of ancient Babylon and mysterious Tian Shan Mountain region in Kazakstan to the Aztec pyramids in Teotihaucan and beyond.
Staying one step ahead of the Russians will require players to solve a variety of challenging mechanical puzzles. Interior sites, such as temples, tombs and dungeons, are incredibly expansive, and allow for thorough exploration, puzzle solving and intense combat.
The game's unique geographical locations also serve as settings for several special action sequences that range from guiding a raft through an exciting descent of white-water rapids, a spectacular off-road Jeep chase through the jungle to an exhilarating rollercoaster-like mine car ride.


- Whip, leap, climb, crawl and swim your way through amazing 3D environments
- Survive the challenge of hungry critters, hostile robots, weird monsters, half the Red Army and more (including - oh no - snakes!)
- Puzzle your way through 17 chapters of a gripping, action-packed story
- Travel the world to exotic locales, from the ruins of Babylon to the labyrinths of the Nubian Kings
- All the weapons you'll need, including automatic pistols, machine guns, grenades, satchel charges, bazookas and, of course, Indy's trusty whip and revolver


Size - 75 MB

Download at:

rapidshare.com Indiana_Jones_and_the_Infernal__Machine_By_Toxic.rar



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MesajSubiect: Re: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine RIP   Mar Sept 04, 2012 12:19 pm

Cu siguranta este cel mai tare joc pe care l-am jucat in ultimul timp ...
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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine RIP
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