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 All VSTi from !j Development (Fruity Loops)

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Data de inscriere : 26/03/2008
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MesajSubiect: All VSTi from !j Development (Fruity Loops)   Dum Mar 30, 2008 7:46 pm

- full VST 2.0 support, for windows pc (cubase, logic, fruity loops...)
- single (lite) and multi timbre (max) version
- enormous variety of sound possibilities
- intuitive to use

- up to 16 voices, 16(max) multi timbres (channels) at ones
- 16(max) single outputs (only really supported by the original VST* host)

- REBEL2lite has one stereo output
- 128 patches per sound bank (preset sound bank included)
- Dynamic Voice Mapping (DVM) with performance good care mechanism
- exclusive Vario Voice Resolution System (VVR) with optional sample interpolation algorithm
- internal Anti Clipping Limiting device (ACL)

* real time rendered power tone generating system (4 algorithms), antialiased

- 2 vario-edge oscillators
- 5 wave forms + noise and inverted mode
- classic analogue synthesis
- cross-modulation (simple FM-synthesis)
- pulsewidth modulation (stepless variable pulsewidth)
- oscillator synchronisation (hard sync)
- phase offset and retrigger parameters
- keyscale parameter
- experimental digital buzz oscillator

* 6 div. characteristics resonance filters with editable Soft Drive Boost (SDB)

- 12db, 24db, 36db LPF filter
- 2 moog-like filter with self oscillation
- 6db HPF filter
- two steppless 3-band-multimode filter

- multi-view graphical user interface
- channel- and polyphonic graphical indicators
- deep access into the tone generation with over 96! editable voice parameters
- remote midi controller implementation (XG standard)
- full sysex automation support

- flexible modulation sources
- 5/6 segments envelope generators
- tempo sync/free run LFO
- mono, legato and portamento modi

- 3-band power EQ with autolimit/distortion mode
- 4 diverse additional Static Butterworth Filters (LP, HP, BP, BR)
- hyperbolic amplifier (soft boost)
- and much much more..

rapidshare.com All_VSTi_from__j_Development.rar

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All VSTi from !j Development (Fruity Loops)
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